Someone will help you

This week I was reminded of a book I read years ago called: “Self-Made in America” (by John McCormack – if you haven’t read that book, read it). This book taught me the power of asking people to mentor you.  Since then, over the years I’ve asked various people to mentor me and to help me grow.  When they agree, then in each instance, I take it upon myself to make the meetings happen.  I will call or email them (or their secretaries) to get me on their calendar and then I will drive (sometimes hours) or fly to meet them (all on my dime) so that I can spend an hour with them because they have some bit of knowledge that I want.  It might be an idea they’ve developed, a skill they possess that I’m trying to refine or they have achieved a step I’m trying to take.  Whatever the case, I want something from them, so I pursue them and I make it happen.

If God has burned a desire in your heart, He has also provided you the access you need to the people that can advise you on how to make it happen. But if you sit back and wait to be given “a shot” it won’t happen. Most often you have to make the first move. That usually begins with SERVING. You’ll never be given a platform to preach on, a song to sing or a class to teach if you’re not willing to mop some floors, run a vacuum or hold a door open for somebody.  When it’s time for you to do what God wants you to do, NO ONE will be able to hold you back, but until that time, stop trying to promote yourself, just be faithful and let God build the firm foundation in you now, so He can add on the weight of responsibility later.

Be faithful, serve and God will do His thing when it’s time.  That’s some free mentoring right there.  😉

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

Angel Flores

Lead Pastor – Mosaic Church

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