In Memory of Angel Flores

A few months ago I attended a family reunion with my dad’s family in San Antonio. People came from all over Texas. My family is full of Tejano Conjunto musicians and it wasn’t long before the accordions and instruments came out. It was a great time.

One of my uncles wasn’t there because he passed away three years ago. He was a great accordion player and was called a “Tejano Conjunto Music Legend” by the Corpus Christi Caller Times. His name was Angel Flores and I was named after him. At the reunion someone started handing out bracelets in his memory. It was a super cool tribute to his life and memory but when I put mine on, I had this WEIRD feeling. You ever seen a headstone or obituary with your name on it? That’s how it felt.


While looking at my bracelet it occurred to me: one day people will do something “in memory of Angel Flores” for me too. There will be a church service somewhere and a few people will gather together and say some nice things about me. Then they’ll go to some church fellowship hall and eat fried chicken from the supermarket and someone will bring some of that boxed potato salad that no one eats but people bring it every time. I doubt people will make bracelets for me. 🙂 Then life will go on…it always does.

One day people are going to do something “In memory of” you too. Just remember, none of us are getting out of here alive. So instead of hesitating, instead of putting things off, instead of waiting until next time…..just do what you have in your heart. Just. Freaking. Do it.

Turn off the TV and get off the couch.

Take the vacation.

Eat the cake.

Use the good dishes.

Make a mud pie with the kids in the back yard.

Build something.

Make something.

Buy the motorcycle.

Fly a kite.

Walk to the park.

Sign up for a race.

Do something that scares you. (like sign up for a race) J

We’re only doing this once then it’s the supermarket fried chicken and the potato salad so have a few adventures before then.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

Angel Flores is the pastor of Mosaic Church.  You can read his blog at:

One thought on “In Memory of Angel Flores

  1. That scared me !!!! I thought it was you . Second person this year that happened to. Dorothy Allen was in the newspaper I thought it was Josh’s cousin,….. I’m getting too old for this haha but so happy both of you are still alive:0)

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