Titan’s Ball – Guest Post by Christy Dodd

Casting the whole of your care (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all) on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.  I Peter 5:7 AMP


My dog Titan loves his black ball.  He carries it around in his mouth everywhere.  He wants you to throw the ball and he brings it to you but when you try to take it from him, he won’t let you have it – yet he comes repeatedly to you with the ball.  Sometimes he half gives it to you, but when you get a hold of it, he tears it out of your hand and growls. We do this everyday – every time I sit in the chair.  When others come over he takes the ball to them and drops it nicely in their laps wanting you to throw it.  They will once or twice,but he keeps bringing it back.  He isn’t their dog so they keep dropping the ball on the ground and I say “Titan bring your ball”.  He will but once again it’s a struggle; he wants it thrown but not by me, so he pulls it away and then takes it to the guest.  When he finally decides I can throw it because nobody else will, he drops it in my lap and sits patiently.  I always throw it and am happy to toss it most of the time but I won’t fight him for the ball.

He gives it to me but quickly takes it away so he can walk around with it in his mouth.  He may even drop it down the stairs for himself so he can play and chase it.  When he can’t find the ball he comes to me and wants to sit on my lap for scratches and love but if he has the ball he occupies his own time with it.  It’s funny how I am so much like my dog Titan – when he carries his ball around in his mouth all the time.

Titan is sometimes a perfect picture of how I am with God.  I have problems or worries and I may tell him about them.  He’d love to handle them for me yet I won’t give them completely to him.  I wrestle him for them.  BUT, I’ll tell my friends and family all about my problems hoping they will do something to fix them but they can’t.  They can offer me advice but if I’d take it to God and let him have it—He would handle it.

How often are we like that with God?  We have our worries or habits that we hold onto.  They take up our time. They are our security blankets and we keep them close to us or bring them to God but won’t let Him take it.  We hold onto it firmly like the death grip my dog has on his ball.  When we decide to give them up or we can’t “find’ them, we come to God for love.  Unlike me, God never tires of us coming to him to sit on his lap, lay at  his feet and spend time with him.  I challenge you today to think about what habit or worry is occupying God’s time in your life and to bring it to him without the death grip.

During my time in God’s waiting room I’ve been learning this lesson.  Taking my worries to God.  With human eyes I should have tons of worries and be in a panic at home hiding under my blanket and crying but I keep casting my cares on him.  It doesn’t come easy, it is a conscious decision that I have to make daily to cast my cares on him.  I love though what this verse reminds me of.  He cares and watches over me.  Today I want to challenge you to drop the ball of your cares and worries in God’s lap and see how He will handle it.

Prayer:  God you tell me that I can bring all my cares, fears, worries, and concerns to you no matter how big or small they seem to me because you care for me affectionately and you watch over me.  I don’t have to worry unless I chose to so today I chose to NOT worry but to let you deal with it all. 

Thank you to Christy Dodd for giving us permission to repost her blog! Click Here to visit Christy’s blog: Lessons From God’s Waiting Room and read more.

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