What To Do?—Guest Blog Post by Kathy Staley

Today is Day 9 of Greg’s Corona Virus. Our doctor/friend said if he can make it to Day 10 FB_IMG_1585592477765without worsening, he is probably safe…Today is also roughly Day 15 of this crisis, from the day it began affecting our daily lives. President Trump has now announced that wehave at least another month of this incarceration, self-isolation–of this stay-at-home routine.

My spirits lag. I am not sick. I don’t have kids to educate or keep entertained. I can’t work. But, I get it. Who wants a home health provider married to a Corona-infected husband going to homes and spreading the fun? I miss the structure. I miss my family, friends, and church. I miss Rancho Allegre.

My dilemma is; how do I fill the hours of the day? How do I use this Day 15 productively? Let me tell you what I have already done. I’ve already made bread and cookies, sent games to neighbor kids, and written cards to elderly friends isolated in nursing facilities. Now what? I can’t very well keep baking the neighbors bread and, as much as I love to cook,  there are only two of us here and one of us is already eating too much. (Wonder how the neighbors would like ribs in a Crockpot?).
IMG_3160I walk.
I pray.
I text.
I call.
I encourage when I can.
And I cry out to the Lord to make my days fruitful for His kingdom.
What else can I do? I pray that I not waste these days. Am I doing enough?Every day is one day closer to the pandemic being over, but it is also one day closer to our lives being over.
Psalm 90:12 “God, teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Teach us how short our life is so we use each day well.”
I look at Jesus.
He made bread too, so I figure that is valuable.
He tended the sick.
He interacted with friends and hurting people.
He did it up close up whereas other than my husband I need to use phone and the postal service.
Surely, the point is loving connection, regardless of the mode used.
But even Jesus wasn’t busy all the time. He took off by Himself to pray and recharge. 
Could it be that there is just as much value in the quiet as there is in the busy?
This must be true. So my prayer is God’s leading in things I can do to be productive. Ways to show His love to others,  but also that He will show me how to use the quiet productively as well…ways to love on Him and be loved in return.  Quiet and boredom need not be the same thing. I think I will change my thinking to “what new adventures can I find, what joys can I see in the quiet moments of my days? What gentle whispers might I catch wind of?” Clearly, experiencing the Presence of Jesus and hearing His voice has to be on the very top of the Valuable list.
I want that.

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