Saying Goodbye to a Dream – Guest Post Pastor Geoff Surratt

I had a dream for many years. It doesn’t matter what the dream was, its mine not yours. I always thought this dream would happen, it was just a matter of time. Several times it felt like I was at the edge of the dream being fulfilled only to see it fall away like dust. Soon I was 40, then 45, then 50 and the dream never materialized. The hardest part was this wasn’t something I just passively hoped for, I did everything I knew to do to work toward the dream. And it wasn’t a pipe dream, many trusted friends and mentors confirmed that they believed the dream was in my wheelhouse, something I was wired up to do. I finally realized, however, the time for this particular dream was over. I don’t know why it never happened, but it was time to move on.
 “Sorry for the tears, never thought it would happen.”
And then on Sunday afternoon I caught the final few holes of the Shell Houston Open (SHO). The SHO is a relatively minor tournament, Its basically a tune-up for The Masters, the Super Bowl of golf tournaments, which is played the week after the SHO. When I tuned in Jim Herman, an unknown journeyman, trailed seasoned pro Henrick Stenson by one stroke with three holes to play. Herman had no chance against a player like Stenson. But then he did the unthinkable, he chipped in from the rough on the 16th hole, a birdie that put him ahead by one stroke. Keeping his nerves in check he parred the final two holes to win his first PGA Tour tournament at the age of 38. No one wins their first tournament at 38, the top golfers seldom win at 38. When an interviewer asked him afterwards how it felt to win and qualify to play in The Masters next week he teared up. “Sorry for the tears,” he said, “[I] never thought it would happen.”
 “Give me my mountain.”
Herman reminded of Caleb who dreamed of a home with a mountain view. He walked faithfully by Joshua’s side for more than 40 years, but his dream never came to fruition. Finally, at the age of 80, Caleb went to Joshua and said, “I’m as fit as I was when we spied out the land all those years ago. I’ve done what I’ve been asked, I’ve fought by your side, now give me my mountain.” Well past the age when men make new starts Caleb marched to his mountain and saw the fulfillment of his dream.
So if 38 isn’t too old to win your first golf tournament and 80 isn’t too old to build your dream home, maybe 54 is too young to abandon a dream? Maybe I gave up too soon.
 What dream have you given up on?
What about you? What dream have you given up on? What did you think God would do in your life by now? Maybe its too soon to give up. Maybe God is still at work and isn’t concerned about your timetable. Maybe you should continue preparing for the dream instead of hanging it up and moving on. It may be delusional to think that it could still happen, but Jim Herman never thought he’d be teeing off Thursday at Augusta National either.
Thank you to Pastor Geoff Surratt for giving us permission to repost his blog! Geoff is a pastor to pastors and he encourages and coaches ministers across the country.  Click here to visit his blog and read more.

In Memory of Angel Flores

A few months ago I attended a family reunion with my dad’s family in San Antonio. People came from all over Texas. My family is full of Tejano Conjunto musicians and it wasn’t long before the accordions and instruments came out. It was a great time.

One of my uncles wasn’t there because he passed away three years ago. He was a great accordion player and was called a “Tejano Conjunto Music Legend” by the Corpus Christi Caller Times. His name was Angel Flores and I was named after him. At the reunion someone started handing out bracelets in his memory. It was a super cool tribute to his life and memory but when I put mine on, I had this WEIRD feeling. You ever seen a headstone or obituary with your name on it? That’s how it felt.


While looking at my bracelet it occurred to me: one day people will do something “in memory of Angel Flores” for me too. There will be a church service somewhere and a few people will gather together and say some nice things about me. Then they’ll go to some church fellowship hall and eat fried chicken from the supermarket and someone will bring some of that boxed potato salad that no one eats but people bring it every time. I doubt people will make bracelets for me. 🙂 Then life will go on…it always does.

One day people are going to do something “In memory of” you too. Just remember, none of us are getting out of here alive. So instead of hesitating, instead of putting things off, instead of waiting until next time…..just do what you have in your heart. Just. Freaking. Do it.

Turn off the TV and get off the couch.

Take the vacation.

Eat the cake.

Use the good dishes.

Make a mud pie with the kids in the back yard.

Build something.

Make something.

Buy the motorcycle.

Fly a kite.

Walk to the park.

Sign up for a race.

Do something that scares you. (like sign up for a race) J

We’re only doing this once then it’s the supermarket fried chicken and the potato salad so have a few adventures before then.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

Angel Flores is the pastor of Mosaic Church.  You can read his blog at:

Someone will help you

This week I was reminded of a book I read years ago called: “Self-Made in America” (by John McCormack – if you haven’t read that book, read it). This book taught me the power of asking people to mentor you.  Since then, over the years I’ve asked various people to mentor me and to help me grow.  When they agree, then in each instance, I take it upon myself to make the meetings happen.  I will call or email them (or their secretaries) to get me on their calendar and then I will drive (sometimes hours) or fly to meet them (all on my dime) so that I can spend an hour with them because they have some bit of knowledge that I want.  It might be an idea they’ve developed, a skill they possess that I’m trying to refine or they have achieved a step I’m trying to take.  Whatever the case, I want something from them, so I pursue them and I make it happen.

If God has burned a desire in your heart, He has also provided you the access you need to the people that can advise you on how to make it happen. But if you sit back and wait to be given “a shot” it won’t happen. Most often you have to make the first move. That usually begins with SERVING. You’ll never be given a platform to preach on, a song to sing or a class to teach if you’re not willing to mop some floors, run a vacuum or hold a door open for somebody.  When it’s time for you to do what God wants you to do, NO ONE will be able to hold you back, but until that time, stop trying to promote yourself, just be faithful and let God build the firm foundation in you now, so He can add on the weight of responsibility later.

Be faithful, serve and God will do His thing when it’s time.  That’s some free mentoring right there.  😉

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon.

Angel Flores

Lead Pastor – Mosaic Church

Just…Try – Guest Post Caiti Mondragon

“Every accomplishment comes from the decision to try.”

Last May, Ray graduated from UNC. As I was sitting there watching my kids’ reaction to him walking up on stage and getting his college degree, I vowed to myself that I would go back and finish as well. But, there was a catch. I would only go back if I didn’t have to retake the public speaking class that I received a “D” in during my first go round at UNC. How did I get a “D” you might ask? Easy. I wouldn’t show up on the days of my presentations.  Well, I showed up for my first two, I believe…and that’s it. Not sure how many of you know this about me, but public speaking terrifies me. My two biggest fears are snakes and public speaking. That’s it. Terrifies me.

Anyway, I decided to meet with a counselor, and found out that I didn’t have to retake it! Music to my ears! Also, the icing on the cake was that I could probably finish my degree in 18 months to two years. Even better. I enrolled, and I am now in my second semester back at UNC.

I know for a fact that God has a sense of humor because as I was sitting in my first class (last semester), the professor began going over the syllabus and as I’m skimming at the same time I see in bold letters, Oral Presentation. Wait…I said I wouldn’t do this if I had to get in front of people and speak. Yet, here it says oral presentation? I stressed the entire semester over this presentation. But, when those 6 minutes and 40 seconds were over, I felt so proud of myself. I did it!

On to my current semester!! Feeling like a million bucks, the first week of classes I found out that I have a presentation in Every. Single. Class. Immediately, the balloon of confidence I was riding in popped. No way I can do this. I thought for sure somewhere in the syllabus I would find the word SNAKES too! Might as well!

Switching gears for a second, this year, Elijah decided to wrestle. He has grown so much as a person and as a wrestler. It’s been pretty amazing to watch his progress. My Elijah is so much like me, sometimes it hurts. He gets down on himself very easily, so when the arm of his opponent is raised, you can see his “balloon of confidence” slowly start to let out air every time.

Saturday was a rough day for Elijah. He did pretty good his first match, but his second match, it was a totally different boy on the mat. He was backing away from his opponent and every time he would get on his back, he would cry out to me or his big sister, Emaleigh. He was trying to do anything to get the ref, or his coaches to stop the match…but it kept going. It was really heartbreaking to watch as Elijah has never done this before.

He came off the mat, completely scared, defeated and deflated. He immediately called Ray. Now, I’m not sure exactly what Ray told him, but from what Ray told me later, it went something like this: He told him that his coaches or the refs would never put him in harms way. He told him that he has got to believe in himself because if he goes on the mat already defeated, he will lose. He needs to go out there, confident in himself, and he can win! He told him he has the tools that he has learned in practice to be a great wrestler…he just needs to believe in himself. And, most importantly, he told him that he is always with him. Although he can’t be there physically because of work, he is there in his heart…always.

The next match, Elijah went out and pinned his opponent in 57 seconds.

Just as Elijah needed a pep-talk from his Daddy, sometimes we all need that same word of encouragement from our heavenly Father. As I watched Elijah sitting on the bench after that awful match, I couldn’t help but think of how I started this semester feeling already defeated and how much I could use a pep talk myself.  No, I don’t want to do presentations, but I know that God is teaching me something. It would be easy to just quit, or find other classes. But, I’m not learning anything if I am constantly sitting in my chair of comfort. I knew gong back to college wasn’t going to be easy…but I will finish on top, just like Elijah did.

Yesterday at church, I got the same piece of encouragement that I needed. Our pastor preached on having a vision. In a nutshell, there are 4 steps of vision:

1.The Spirit’s Prompting

2. Uncertainty

3. Resistance

4. Divine Clarity

Can I just encourage you (probably because I need to remind myself) that when you get to the uncertainty and the resistance of your vision (because you will get there), don’t let that stop you from completing the vision that God has put in your heart! Push through, persevere because seeing your vision come to pass in God’s timing will be totally worth all of the sweat, tears (and presentations)!

Thank you to Caiti Mondragon for giving us permission to repost her blog! Click Here to visit Caiti’s blog: MrsMomdragon and read more.